Registration for the 2018-2019 school year begins January 22nd, 2018!

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At Epiphany we recognize every child’s unique qualities, as anyone whose child has attended will tell you. Epiphany is a place with small classes, exceptional teachers and a place for your preschooler to grow in a loving environment.


What Parents Are Saying:

“My daughter is at Epiphany for her second year and the school has totally exceeded our expectations. The environment is nurturing and kind and the children get to do all kinds of neat things.”

“This is our second year at Epiphany and we’ve been really happy there. My son went from being afraid of every bug outside to wanting to dig in the garden for worms and other creatures.”

“I went to kindergarten orientation on Monday. As I sat and listened, I had a new appreciation for the experience my son has had at Epiphany. For example, as the teachers were talking about things to do to help our children get ready for school, the items mentioned were all things that my son has been learning at preschool … I was so happy to see his excitement for learning and acceptance of new experiences, both of which have been fostered at Epiphany. Not to mention that there are lots of kids from his current class that he will continue to have as friends at kindergarten.”